Brain Balance (Tri-Force)


Hormones are the most difficult thing that a nutritionist has to deal with when helping clients. As natural health practitioners, we cannot recommend drugs for this. There are, however, natural substances that can assist the body to produce its own hormones correctly and in balance as it should. Tri-Force is for the triad of brain hormones that are produced by the pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary. I like to think of these very important glands in poetic terms as to what they do and how they interact. The hypothalamus represents courage. It provides the precursor hormones that tell the pituitary what to do. The pituitary represents power. She is the master gland that actually orchestrates and controls the entire body through the hormonal balance. The pineal represents wisdom and is concerned with our many daytime/nighttime waking sleep cycles. It is called the gland of enlightenment. I also like to think of them like a chess game. The hypothalamus is the king (courage). Yet he can only move one step at a time. The pituitary is the queen. The pituitary is the “power” behind the throne that actually rules. The pineal is their “wise” court advisor that is looking after them and overseeing the spiritual welfare of the realm.

Tri-Force supports the endocrine system nutritionally.

Researched and documented issues of the pituitary are: 1)excessive urination, 2)left side head pain (left cervicals), 3)chronic headaches at the level of the eyes, 4)overweight, 5)non-insulin responsive diabetic, 6)sexual problems, 7)weakening of ligaments, bones and tenderness, 8)mental illness in self or family, 9)inability to be coordinated at night, 10)mental fatigue, 11)low energy, 12)cold hands and feet, 13)loss of head hair, 14)numbness and tingling sensations, 15)a feeling of weak upper body strength and 16)brittle nails.

Ingredient Listing
1. Choline Bitartate
Nutritionally supports overall endocrine system function.
2. Whole Pituitary Tissue Extract
This substance is primary to the formula. It has both anterior and posterior pituitary material in it. The pituitary is the queen on the chess board. She is the master gland.
3. Hypothalamus Tissue Extract
This area of the brain signals the pituitary as to what must be done. It does this by secreting a series of pre-releasing hormones. It is involved with our emotions. The hypothalamus is like the king on the chess board.
4, 5, 6, 7. Lipase, Amylase, Protease, & Peppermint Oil
These are my signature digestive enzymes.
8. Phosphatidyl Serine
Nutritionally, research states that this will support better memory.


For maintenance: 1-2 tablets per day
For moderate support: 2-4 tablets per day
For maximum support: 4-6 tablets per day
Or consult your health practitioner.
Can be taken with or without food; day or night

100 Tablets/Bottle



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