Pan Gest


Think of Pan-Gest as the heavy artillery division of digestive support. It is also helpful for regulating the inflammatory response.

Ingredient Listing
1. Pancreatin 8X
Pancreatin is a combination of proteolytic enzymes, chiefly amylase, trysin, chymotrypsin, lipase, elastase and peptidase. These have the same action collectively as do the enzymes of you pancreatic juice in digesting carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 8X strength is the strongest I could find. It is very effective all by itself.
2. Protease
In addition to the enzymes in the powerful pancreatin 8X, I am using extra pancreatic protease. Protease begins protein digestion in the upper stomach with a pH of 6. In the lower stomach, protease again activates at a pH of 3. The higher pH of the small intestine then reactivates protease.
3. Amylase
This amazing and essential enzyme breaks down huge amounts of carbohydrates. Many people are carbohydrate intolerant these days. Again, I contribute this to long term dietary abuses and environmental stresses.
4. Lipase
This important enzyme digests fats. With all the gallbladder issues I see, this enzyme is an invaluable addition to our diets.
5. Papain
This comes from green papaya fruit. It acts as a natural form of hydrochloric acid. However, unlike hydrochloric acid supplements, it does not burn the stomach if you get too much.
6. Pepsin
This digestive substance is essential for all food breakdown in initial phases. It is released by a hormone called Gastrin and along with hydrochloric acid forms a pH of .80 to power our digestive forces.
7. Pancreas Tissue
The pancreas is complicated. Many unknown factors are in play. The addition of this overall substance helps to insure the functioning of these unknowns and strengthen Pan-Gest.
8. Trypsin
Aids proteins and amino acid absorption and metabolism.
9. Chymotrypsin
Specific to certain functions in amino acid digestion and metabolism.
10. Lactase
Enhances and assures a better assimilation of milk and dairy products for optimal lactose tolerance.
11. Glucoamylase
Another enzyme support for high starch diets and carbohydrate diets.
12. Cellulase
Decomposes fiber to hemicellulose. This in turn becomes glucose (blood sugar), absorbed through the small intestine cell membranes.
13. Sucrase
Converts sucrose into glucose, our usable blood sugar. Very important.
14. Alpha-Galactosidase
This is the principle enzyme in Bean-O. It helps breakdown certain kinds of proteins and prevents excess intestinal gas. Lack of this enzyme causes a major problem for some marriages after ingestion of too many beans.
15. Chromium Picolinate
This substance is helpful for insulin/glucagon balances in the pancreas. It has some value in weight loss programs. Opens the way for zinc utilization.
16. Bromelain
It has protein digesting properties capable of dissolving cross-linked and non-cross-linked proteins. Very helpful for inflammation in the body around joints.
17. Ox-bile Salts
Used to support proper bile-flow in the gallbladder.
18. Peppermint Oil Powder
An overall soothing digestive support for the upper stomach.



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