Liver/Detox (Formerly Lifeline)


Liver/Detox (formerly Lifeline)
The liver is our lifeline. It performs over 500 known functions. The higher its level of function, the healthier we are. Considering its overall purpose, think of it as the body’s major stabilizing force, both in all the organs and in time.

Lifeline was formulated as an overall builder and strengthener of the liver. What concerns me the most is the portal vein. The portal vein brings all the nutrients that our small intestines prepared for our health from food. These nutrients are taken back into the liver for distribution to the rest of the body. It dumps these nutrients into thousands of six-sided lobules for final filtration and distribution. If anything affects the portal vein and/or if the six-sided liver lobules are weakened, our nourishment greatly reduces. This leaves us open to a multitude of serious illnesses such as jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis. It leads the way to about every other illness as well, if not working at its peak.

The liver consists of four lobes with four general functions. These are: 1) Blood and lymph management. 2) Nutrition storage. 3) Secretions of bile, gamma globulin and cholesterol. 4) Enzyme construction and dismantling.

The right lobe manufactures thousands of chemicals for our metabolism, especially enzymes. In terms of time, it represents the future and embodies the element of water.

The left lobe maintains our body functions, our homeostasis. It is affected by fungi such as candida albicans, parasites, viruses and bacteria. If this lobe is afflicted, food and environmental allergies start to multiply. In terms of time, it represents the past and embodies the element of earth.

The lower two liver lobes are smaller. The quadrate lobe is the storehouse of all of our oil soluble vitamins. These are A, D, E, F, and K. In terms of time, it represents the present and embodies the element of fire.

The remaining lobe called the caudate, functions closely with the right lobe. It more exactly humanizes and specifies the nutrients of our metabolism for acceptance by the body. In terms of time, it represents a synthesis of past, present and future, and embodies the element of air.

I find it extremely interesting that the liver has such a noticeable electrical component. The protein part of oxidative enzymes act as electron reservoirs. The coenzyme assisting it acts as a conduit through which these electrons flow and in certain reactions can actually give off or accept electrons. This ability allows the liver to be involved with our body biorhythms and time orientation.

Other Biokinetic Supplements that cleanse and support the liver in different ways are: 1) Kleen Sweep (lymph), 2) Can Clear (flush), 3) Complete-C (support), 4) Blood Harmonizer (blood), 5) Pan-Gest (enzymes), 6. HHS Formula (bile).

Ingredient Listing
1. Liver Tissue Extract
This provides the primary material from which to build the liver and provide imuune system support. It is a natural source of much needed bioavailable iron, yet it will not oversupply iron into the system. The body will only take what it needs. This nutrient is essential to help build and support the main right lobe of the liver.
2. L-Carnitine
This is helpful for positive liver function.
3. Beef Liver Fat Extract
This is a liver fat extract that will regulate all types of allergic responses. It is very good for building the left lobe of the liver.
4-5. Vitamins E, and K
These are used to supply the storehouse of needs that build the liver and portal vein systems into the six-sided lobules.
6. Choline Bitartrate
Helps emulsify fat. This is a part of the B-Complex family.
7. Red Beet Extract
This extract helps to regulate bile functions in the liver so that building of the six-sided liver lobules can proceed smoothly. It also contains natural iron. This supports help gallbladder health.
8. Skullcap
Skullcap is used for a wide range of nervous system issues.
9, 10, 11, 12. Lipase, Amylase, Protease and Peppermint Oil
These digestive enzymes are exactingly placed in this formula for their maximum building potential. Lipase is particularly important because of its ability to digest fatty deposits.
13. Molybdenum
Supports liver health.



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