Free Breath


Comprehensive Nutrient Support For Lungs, Bronchials, And Sinuses


Breathing freely is of paramount importance.  Yet, the number of people who don’t is shocking.  In this  time of extremely high environmental pollution by chemicals, heavy metals and dangerous gases, the problems of allergies, asthma and emphysema are skyrocketing.  The children suffer the most, but we adults are not far behind.  It seems that almost everyone is touched by at least some type of environmentally-induced allergic reaction at one time or another in any given year.
However, the depth to which breathing obstructions go are not just limited to the lungs.  The sinuses are a primary player.  Most people don’t realize that the sinuses are huge and go way back into the head.
Many poisons and allergies are held deep in these sinus cavities and cause continuous mucous and drainage.  This is the way the body is trying to expel these trapped poisons.
Ingredient Listing
1.  Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Research has shown that this vitamin support lung health.. Besides its usual benefits of helping light-sensitive eyes, it seems  to help in true migraine situations.  Also used as a detox for man-made enviro-chemical poisons. Be aware that this is the “yellow”  vitamin and will definitely turn your urine very yellow.
2.  Lung Tissue Extract
Supports lung function.
3.  Lungwort
A favorite of St. Hildegard of Bingen for all lung issues, especially to maintain clear breathing.
4.  Astragalus
Traditional Chinese medicine has used astragalus to support fluid balance, the immune system, optimal blood sugar and cardiovascular health.
5.  Thyme
The old renowned herbalist, Culpepper, stated that Thyme is “a noble strengthener of the lungs”  Thyme supports optimal lung functioning.
6-8.  Protease, Amylase, & Lipase
Used to assist the digestion of Free Breath for protein, fat & carbohydrate contents.
9.  Bromelain
A digestive enzyme from pineapple. Used in this formula to enhance Quercetin’s benefits.
10.  Quercetin
A bioflavonoid used to support normal histamine response.
11. Peppermint Oil Powder
Digestive aid
12.  Boron
Used for immune support.  Very good for the lungs.


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