Energy Up


If you feel a lowered energy level and weak all over, hormonally-supportive therapeutic food supplements may be helpful. When these hormones are added everything may seem more energetic.
Energy-Up is a formula for both men and women and targets the upper body hormones for the hypothalamus, thyroid and pituitary. In women, it can also target the ovaries. By supporting and nourishing these areas, greater energy levels are reached.

Researched and documented issues of the thyroid are:
• Mental fatigue
• Lack of mental clarity
• Lowered energy level
• Brittle nails
• Cold hands and feet
• Weight gain
• Loss of head hair
• Numbness & tingling sensations.
• A feeling of lacking upper body strength

Ingredient Listing
1. Thyroid Tissue Extract
This is the principal ingredient in Energy Up. It not only supplies support for this gland of energy metabolism, but will allow natural cellular regeneration rebuilding to occur. It is the T4 hormone, Tetra iodothyronine. T1, T3, & T4 must be present for proper balance. All are in correct ratio in this formula.

2. Trace Minerals
Contains 74 trace elements. In 15 years of clinical research I have found that trace minerals will supply the necessary components for the T1 (iodothyronine) hormone. Minerals are more important than vitamins. (See my book, Alkalize or Die).

3. Yam Extract
Supports T4 Function.

4. L-Tyrosine
An amino acid that supports the uptake of iodine – the T3 hormone of the thyroid.

5. Hypothalamus Tissue Extract
Very important area that controls the thyroid by pre-releasing hormones that target it. Determines 25% of our “feel-good” energy.

6. Pituitary Tissue Extract
This supports one of the master glands of the body. Targets the thyroid and can determine 25% of our “feel-good” energy.

7. Potassium Orotate
Dr. Reams stated that potassium was necessary to combine with thyroxine in order to provide an important substance from the thyroid.

8-9. Calcium, Magnesium Orotates
The ratio and levels of calcium are determined in the blood by the thyroid. Magnesium stabilizes the interactions between the thyroid and the hypothalamus.

10. Ribonucleic Acid
Important in all cellular functions as the transfer element for information. Targets upper body hormones, particularly the brain, and memory functions.

11. Lipase, Amylase, & Protease
Digestive enzymes that allow the pancreas to perform respectively: fat, carbohydrate and protein breakdown. This is our signature combination.



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