Cherry Gold


Arthritis and all of its related “itis” conditions plague millions worldwide.

With all the new information about the anti-arthritis drugs being dangerous, you may find Cherry Gold of great value.If the arthritis is severe, and you are serious about getting well, I suggest NO intake of meat, white sugar, or alcohol for 90 days while taking Cherry Gold. Drink only distilled or high pH., alkaline-adjusted water for this period. Arthritis is a very acid condition. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. These are alkaline-forming.

Ingredient Listing
1. Black Cherry Powder(200 mg.)
I scoured the nation to locate the best form of cherry powder for maximum results in maintaining healthy uric acid levels. When uric acid levels are not kept in the normal range, the body is more prone to gout and joint inflammation. Cherries have a long history of supporting optimal inflammatory response.
2. Glucosamine Sulfate
This amazing substance has a great deal of medical research behind it. It is said to help build connective tissue and cartilage.
3. Celery Seed Powder
Supports joint health. St. Hildegard recommended it.
4. Bromelain
Helpful for pain as well as for digestion.
5. Manganese Aspartate
This is long known to support remineralization of the ligaments. Dr. Reams also claimed it supports the reproductive system.
6. Goat’s Rue
This was recommended by St. Hildegard for pain relief.
7. Nutmeg
This is another substance that in small amounts was known in ancient times for pain relief



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