Campho Rub


Different forms of congestion are the primary cause of any and all pains and illnesses.

Our two basic external formulas address these congestions and balance them through (rub on) methods. Each serves a different purpose:

The Amish Wonder Oil is wonderful for what The Chinese call “Yang” (hot) conditions.

Campho-Rub reaches deeper into the body moving the more that deal with stagnant energy, lymph and blood. It is for what the Chinese call “Yin” (cold) conditions. It is more “heating,” but does not burn like capsicum. It is very comforting.

The method of properly compounding these quantities of camphor is no longer commercially available and is not sold anywhere that I have seen. This old time “Yin” balancing formula we call Campho-Rub, perfectly complements the Amish Wonder Oil, which is its “Yang”- balancing counterpart.

Keep both of these wonderful external “Yin-Yang” oils in your medicine cabinet. You will find a thousand uses for them just like we do.

Recommendations: If you rub it on the chest, you must cover up very well if you go outside. Campho-Rub opens the skin pores then penetrating deeply. It is better to use a white cotton towel to cover the chest and relax awhile. Then rub the oil off and cover up very well. For all other aches, pains and scars, rub it on, but cover them with something if going outdoors immediately after application.

Shake well before using. A little goes a long way.

(Oil) 2 oz./Bottle



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