Calcium Penetrator


Calcium is a requirement for all 60 trillion cells in the body. Yet, it is a difficult mineral to really understand. There are many different theories of what kind to use and why.

Besides proper uptake into the bone, some calcium deficiencies are: tooth grinding (bruxism), restless leg syndrome at night, and nighttime leg cramps. Pro-Tone and Cherry-Gold are possible adjuncts to taking calcium.

Other calcium insufficiencies symptoms are: slow blood clotting, sluggish circulation, sensitive to moisture, afternoon headaches, dizzy in open air, staggering upon arising, palpitation under ascending stairs, varicose veins, icy sensation in spine, hemorrhages, soft bones, cysts, slimy salivation, sores that do not heal, lame ligaments, pus formation, discharges, and insomnia.

Ingredient Listing
1. Calcium Carbonate
Research states this type will penetrate into the outer layer of the cell membrane, releasing the calcium ion.
2. Calcium Asparate
Research states this type will penetrate into the inner layer of the outer cell membrane releasing the calcium ion upon metabolization.
3. Calcium Citrate
Research states this type of calcium forms a complex salt that bypasses the cell membrane and is only metabolized at the mitochondria and other structures found inside the cell plasma.
4. Calcium Orotate
The three preceding calciums open the gate both chemically and energetically for calcium citrate to enter and be thoroughly utilized by the cell.
5,6. Di-Sodium, Di-Potassium Phosphates
I use these forms of phosphates because calcium combines well with them and in order to be utilized, calcium must be in a proper ratio with phosphorus.
7. Vitamin D
The sunshine vitamin. This is an absolute must for calcium absorption.
8-13. Catalase, Lipase, Amylase, Protease, Green Papaya Extract, & Peppermint oil
Absorbability is the name of the game with calcium. By using these digestive enzymes in the right amounts, there is a sequencing that occurs allowing higher calcium utilization to reach the soft and hard tissues.
14. Vitamin K
Current research states that this vitamin is very supportive in the absorption of calcium.

For mild/moderate support:
1-3 Tablets at bedtime or throughout the day
For maximum support: 4-6 Tablets per day
Allow from 6 months to 1 year for results if taken
for bone loss. Or consult your health practitioner.

Can be taken safely with or without food; day or night
100 Tablets/Bottle



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