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At least six times a month I find myself counseling afflicted clients about the dangers of the herpes virus. This disease is devastating, physically, emotionally and mentally. It hampers, intimidates and many times destroys all sorts of personal relationships. It weakens the immune system and hides in the nervous system when the immune system temporarily puts it in check. While hiding out at the level of the nervous system, it causes damages there. It can mutate. Evidence is emerging that several of the nerve related disorders like Multiple Sclerosis stem from herpes derivatives, in this case human herpes virus 6. Herpes, in any form, leaves a trail of minor to major destruction behind it.

Herpes is tough and aggressive. It takes a while to get it under control. Keeping it under control requires a lot of vigilance, particularly with genital herpes.

Seeing patients battling herpes for 18 years, I have come to some rather interesting conclusions. I believe that the huge upsurgence in herpes infections comes from our immune systems being altered by smallpox vaccinations. It has been stated that smallpox is eradicated. I believe it has just taken another form—gotten smarter.

A close friend and client told me a remarkable story that supported my theory. Thirty years ago she broke out with hundreds of inner mouth blisters. Her M.D. recognized this “as the same infection that causes smallpox”. He could have only learned that in the school of hard knocks. He gave her another smallpox inoculation. The herpes outbreaks disappeared for 25 years.

In my opinion, herpes viruses and their derivatives are some of the most dangerous infections that we can have because they are so tough and attack the immune system so hard. They can make us very susceptible to other conditions. In my experience, no infection ever really leaves our body. In its great wisdom, the body finds a way to balance the infection inside, thus, the infection becomes a part of our internal body community, no longer a threat, and perhaps even an ally and contributing member in some cases. But herpes is different. It will utilize any opportunity to strike its host. Those opportunities come pretty often in stressful times. It is, in fact, stress that acidifies the body so quickly and paves the way for another internal to external attack on the skin. What is worse is that if herpes isn’t manifesting on the skin, it could be attacking internal tissues and organs. Herpes also has similarities to other more dangerous infections. I feel that in time, many of the labels on illnesses that we hear, like Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, perhaps even HIV, etc. will be linked to some kind of herpes derivative. I know this is a far-reaching, unsubstantiated hypothesis, but I need to state my opinion.

Ingredient Listing
1. Butylated-Hydroxytoluene (BHT)
This is not a natural product. It is a food preservative. BHT is a super antioxidant. Except for stomach upsets, if taken without food, I have never seen any side effects from this. You must never take it on an empty stomach.
2. Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)
Excellent for all kinds of infections. This form of vitamin A complements this formula perfectly while supporting the immune system.
3. Inosine
Used as an antioxidant.
4. L-Lysine
Helps maintain proper nitrogen balance in the body. When nitrogen levels are out of balance, herpes outbreaks are more likely.
5. Calcium Orotate
Calcium is a key mineral that keeps the body alkaline. The herpes virus hates an alkaline environment.
6. Thymus Extract
The thymus is the King of the immune system. Without thymic support, viruses would overtake all of us in short order.
7. Sodium bicarbonate
Used here for two results. 1) to raise and buffer the PH of this formula to make it more stomach tolerable and 2) To assist the stomach and pancreas with the breakdown and assimilation of Back-Off!
8. Vitamin K
Very important in helping calcium to become available in the body.
9. Peppermint Oil
Used to aid in the digestion of Back-Off!

For maintenance: 1 Tablet per day
OR every other day
For maximum support: 3 or more Tablets per day
Or consult your health practitioner.

Must be taken with food; day or night

100 Tablets/Bottle



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