At the very least, during the change of each season (4 times a year), our bodies need reevaluation and a kick-start tonic that can transition us into the next cycle of months. The seasons are each related to one of the primary elements in our bodies, which are earth (winter), water (spring), fire (summer), and air (fall).

The incredible needs of our systems for B-Complex go on daily. Many good supplements exist. I like liquid forms because the B’s get in the blood so quickly (about 1 minute). When combined with iron and vitamin C we have a very powerful tonic.

Anemia is a complicated subject and can occur from several different angles. A lack of iron affects the spleen more than the liver. This is not so surprising if you consider that the spleen actually stores more iron than the liver and seems to deplete itself far faster than the liver. I think this is the reason why we can display iron insufficiency symptoms, yet it never shows up in the blood tests. Edgar Cayce (considered the first modern voice of holistic medicine) recommended B’s and iron together in his health research for people.

Studies have shown that iron significantly improves muscle function independent of positive blood tests for anemia. This tells me that many of us are walking around with subclinical B-complex/iron anemic syndromes.

There are two types of iron, “heme” and “non-heme.” “Heme” iron is readily absorbed in the cells and becomes immediately usable hemoglobin which we must have for proper oxygenation of each and every cell in the body. This type is found in meat. The “non-heme” type which doesn’t readily absorb is found in green vegetables, nuts, dry beans, prunes and raisins. To make the “non-heme” type of iron available to the body, vitamin C must be taken with it. Studies show that vitamin C triples the intake of iron in our cells, regardless of the type. Research also states that children, women (particularly in child bearing years), and older people need iron more than men.

There has been concern over the use of iron in the last few years; yet, survey upon survey consistently shows that iron insufficiencies are the most common nutritional insufficiencies, especially among children, women and older people. The percentage of iron we absorb from food is regulated by the amount of iron stored in our bodies. If reserves are low, we absorb more; if high, we absorb less. The body always knows what to do. With the addition of vitamin C (I use pure sodium ascorbate) any negative effects such as free radical excesses, are neutralized and a greater amount of iron becomes bioavailable to us. Also, please be aware that I had to use cherry syrup to mask the B’s and iron. If you are diabetic, use with care and consult your doctor.

2-5 yr. old: ½-1 Teaspoons per day for 2 weeks
6-12 yr. old: 1-1½ Teaspoons per day for 2 weeks
12-20 yr. old: 1½-2 Teaspoons per day for 1 month
20+ yr. old: 2-3 Teaspoons per day (alternate 1 month on & 1 month off)

If you are presently taking Energy-Up, do not take Aneem-Away at the same time of day with it. Energy-Up Contains iodine. Iodine and iron will fight one another.
Cautions: If you have any reservations about this food supplement, consult your health practitioner. No responsibility is assumed for the ingestion of this product.

Can be taken with or without food, day or night

8 oz. Bottle

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