12 Systems


It is very difficult to find a multiple supplement that really creates balance within the body. I have tested over 100 different ones in the last 15 years. It has been my wish to formulate a truly balanced multiple food supplement for a long time. To do so, I used the 12 systems of Holographic Health® as a model, because each substance fits into one of these categories. Each ingredient had to be balanced against the others in order to achieve a maximum overall synergistic health benefit in the body.

A synergist is that which organizes and blends energies properly…in this case for the human body. The 49 synergistically balanced ingredients in this formula are the result of many years of clinical experimentation. The 12 systems synergistic multiple can best be described by the synergistic actions of each group rather than an explanation of each single ingredient. The reason being that each group is acting as a whole unit with its own purpose and thrust behind it.



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